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Most of us use multiple web-based applications and services. To sign into these applications or services, we use a unique username and password. If you are trying to log in to a web app after quite some time, you may not necessarily remember the password and will certainly have trouble signing into the service. Thankfully, all web-based apps and services feature an option to reset the password to help users, in case anyone forgets the password. Users can contact Windows Live help for assistance while resetting the password of their Windows Live account.

Resetting Windows Live Password

Users can access all web-based services and apps, such as Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail that come under Microsoft, using a Windows Live ID. If you have lost the password of your Windows Live ID, you can use the quick and standardized reset password option offered by Microsoft to recover the password and regain access to your favourite Microsoft services. Here are the steps required for the purpose.


  • Open your default web browser, type in the address field of the browser and hit the Enter button on your computer.
  • On the Reset Password page, go to the Windows Live ID field and type your Windows Live ID.
  • You may be prompted to verify that you are real person. Do it by typing the characters you see in the picture. Following this, click on the Next button to proceed.
  • Click on the radio button next to the Security Question to view the question. Read the question carefully and provide an answer in the given field.
  • Click Next to go to the next screen where you will find option to type your new password.
  • Ensure that you type a password different from your previous one.

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  • If you fail to provide answer to the security question while resetting the password, get in touch with Windows Live help to recover your password. For this, click on the radio button labelled Customer Support. You can either chat with the customer care agents or contact them via email if they are currently unavailable.

Hope you have successfully reset the password of your Windows Live ID with the help of the above-mentioned steps. For more help or troubleshooting steps, contact Windows Live help center. Meanwhile, you can go through Microsoft help page on your related concerns.

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