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Tips On Properly Attaching Email


Microsoft Outlook help

One of the greatest features of E-mail programs today is their ability to attach music, pictures and other items and send it to a receiver stationed any distance away. If all they had to send were small files, then users might not face any trouble. But in cases where larger files or .exe files are to be attached, unless the user is a pro at troubleshooting, sending an email can be quite difficult. Here are a few Outlook Email setup and attachment tips to help you in this endeavour.

Executable Files

Email providers usually don’t allow the user to attach executable files (.exe) to the email. This is mainly because of an inbuilt security feature that prevents a user from downloading a malicious application or a virus. These viruses can wreak havoc on your system and leak your personal files. But if a user does want to send an exe file, then getting a virtual server is the best option. Using websites like rackspace.com or hotgator.com, users can compress their application and send it to other users.

File Size

Most Email providers limit the size of files that can be sent as attachments. The maximum that Email providers such as Hotmail and Yahoo allow is 10 MB. This will drastically limit the amount of data you can send to another user. Most of these emails, when sent, come back to the user as undelivered. To overcome this protocol, either compress the files into a .zip format, or send multiple files from multiple email addresses.

Outlook programs

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Sending Email more than 10 MB

One of the most popular Email clients is Microsoft Outlook. To send an attachment through Outlook, first follow the Outlook Email setup procedure as given below:

  • Make sure the email account won’t separate the attachments before sending them. Receivers who do not have the option to reassemble the file will view the message as garbage.
  • Also make sure the email option is set to HTML, which will enable the insertion of images, movie clips and music into the email.

Troubleshooting guide

Make sure that you have read through the user manual or forums that are related to the Email service you are using. Usually, these services will be having FAQ answers which the user might find helpful.

Users will find most of these tips helpful and now will be able to fix issues that may arise, with the efficiency required to finish the job within minimum time.