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An email client is an application that lets you to download mails from your webmail. The major advantage of an email client is that you can view your downloaded mails at any time even if you don’t have internet access. Microsoft Outlook is one of the email clients of Microsoft, which comes with the Microsoft Office suite package. This famous email client from Microsoft is liked by millions. However, sometimes Outlook can get you in trouble. You may be trying to download some important mails from your webmail and you get error messages from Outlook. So how to fix this issue? Well, we have listed down the steps below to fix this issue.

Steps involved

  1. The error can occur due to a bad Outlook email setup. So, start Microsoft Outlook and then from the ‘Tools’ menu select ‘Account Settings’. Click on the ‘Email’ tab and you will see the list of email accounts configured on your Outlook. Double click on the email account that is giving you trouble.
  2. Now you have email settings window opened. Double-check your settings. Make sure you have typed in the correct email address and password. Retype your password. Check the ‘Incoming’ and ‘Outgoing’ mail servers. If you are not sure of the servers, contact your service provider to get the correct server information.

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  3. Click on the ‘More Settings’ tab and then the ‘Advanced’ tab. Here you have the boxes to type in your incoming and outgoing port numbers. Make sure you have made the correct entries. As in case of the email servers, get in touch with your service provider to get the correct port numbers. Also, check the box ‘Leave a copy of message on the server’. This helps us to ensure that a backup copy of email messages is on the server and they are not deleted from it. Now click on ‘OK’ and then choose the tab ‘Test Account Settings’. If everything is working fine, you will receive a test email.
  4. If the above steps do not fix the issue, the email servers might be the culprit. Occasionally an email server can give you errors and may stop the delivery of your emails. To verify this, contact your email provider or log in to your email account and you will be notified about this temporary error by your email provider.

Most Outlook errors are temporary and related to changes in the settings. So be very careful when you do an Outlook email setup to avoid these errors.

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