Setting Up Your Email Account In The Microsoft Outlook 2013

Outlook email setup

      About Outlook 2013

With the new Outlook webmail service and the Outlook 2013 mail client, Microsoft is meeting the customers’ expectations in terms of better service and improved features. There were a few minor hiccups with the new Outlook web mail service. However, there is nothing worth complaining about as far as the Outlook 2013 mail client is concerned. The Outlook email setup, the basic messaging functions, etc are along familiar lines, as in the previous versions.

About the Outlook 2013 mail application

The Outlook 2013 application keeps the Microsoft tradition alive, and comes bundled with the Microsoft Office 2013 software package. As such, the application gets installed along with the Microsoft Office 2013 applications. The mail client sports a brand new look and interface. The UI is very in tune with the touch-based operating systems of the day. It retains all the Outlook features like the Outlook Contacts, Outlook Calendar, etc.

About the Outlook email setup in the new version

For an experienced Outlook user upgrading from a previous Outlook edition, it would very easy to figure out how to set up an account and the other Outlook options. Gather all the data for the Outlook settings that you need to enter for your email account from the message service provider’s website. Then follow the steps mentioned here.

  • In most cases, when you start the application for the first time, the Outlook wizard would ask you add the accounts. This makes things easier. If not, you need to access the Account Setup wizard from the menu.

    Touch-based operating systems

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  • The Account Setup wizard is very similar to what you have seen in the previous Outlook versions. Here too, you would find the Manual Setup option as well as the option for Additional Servers.
  • The POP and IMAP settings are to be given as per the settings provided by your email service provider. Here, you need to give the correct protocol settings, the incoming and outgoing email addresses, etc.
  • Go to More Settings, for the additional settings for authentication and security for your email account. Save these settings and exit the wizard.

You account is now successfully set up in the Outlook 2013 application. Now, log in to your account and send a test mail message to any of your friends asking them to reply with a test message. Use the Outlook 2013 application to send and receive email messages safely online.

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