Outlook email setup with MobileMe account

Thanks to Microsoft, you can configure your Outlook 2010 with several email applications. While having a number of email addresses for different purposes is convenient, it‘s frustrating to log in to each and every one of the email accounts. Fortunately, with the option of Outlook email setup you can configure all your email accounts to Outlook, and check them all in one inbox. If you have a MobileMe account and want to make use of this feature, here’s the Outlook email setup procedure to get it done.

Before starting the Outlook email setup process, you need to collect essential details like name and port numbers of the incoming and outgoing server. The Outlook email setup process cannot be completed without these details. Of course, Outlook support technicians can assist you with the Outlook email setup process, but why not try it yourself before contacting them?

To start with the Outlook email setup, click on the File menu, then Add Account. This will open up the option Add new Account. Select Manually configure Server settings or additional settings and then click Next. Here select Internet Email. Enter your name, email address, and other details in respective boxes and choose IMAP from the Account Type drop down menu.

Once you select IMAP as the Account type, you need to provide the details of the incoming and outgoing server. Incoming server is mail.me.com and outgoing mail server is smtp.me.com. Now, click on the More settings button. You will see a window for Email settings.

Click on Outgoing server tab, Put a tick mark next to My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication. You can do the same settings with your incoming server also. Click OK to proceedNow, go back to the window for Email settings, click Next and finish your Outlook email setup by clicking Finish button.

To confirm that you have completed the Outlook email setup successfully, click on Send/Receive and you’ll see that all your emails in MobileMe account are downloaded to the email program.

If you need more information on Outlook email setup, you can always contact Outlook help.

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