Outlook email setup for your Cable ONE email

Cable ONE is an internet service provider based in the US. They are the subsidiary of Washington Post Company. And they are also one among the largest cable operators in the US. Due to its widespread network, a number of users prefer this email account.  If you configure your Cable ONE mail account with the help of the Outlook email setup wizard, all your Cable ONE mail messages will appear in your Outlook application, making emailing a whole lot easier for you. Now, to setup your Cable ONE mail account with Outlook using Outlook email setup wizard, follow these steps:

Outlook email setup procedure to configure Cable ONE mail

To start with the Outlook email setup process, launch your email program and click on the Tools menu.

From the Tools menu, select Account Settings and then click on the Email tab and select New.

The next step in this Outlook email setup process requires you to click on the radio button near the option Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP or HTTP and then Next.

When the next window of the Outlook email setup wizard opens up, select Internet email and then click next.

Now, when the new window opens, enter your name (or the name you’d like people to see when you send them email) and your full email address.

Here, select the option labelled ‘Account type’ and then select ‘POP 3’ from the drop down menu.

In the next step of this Outlook email setup process, enter the Server information as mentioned below.

  • Incoming mail server: mail.cableone.net
  • Outgoing mail server : authmail.cableone.net

Now, enter the login information, i.e. the User name and Password for this email address.

Click Next when you’ve finished entering these details and then click on Finish to close the wizard.

If you’ve followed the Outlook email setup process correctly, your Cable ONE account will now be ready in your email program.

5 thoughts on “Outlook email setup for your Cable ONE email

  1. Sandra Davis

    I have followed the instructions to create an new email account on my Outlook email program. I am able to get the test email from cableone.net, but I cannot get any of my mail downloaded. I don’t want to be forced to choose Google to get my email. Please tell me why I can’t get my mail. I am using the POP3 the mail.cableone.net and the authmail.cableone.net I am using the correct the new password. Still, I cannot get my email. I am running Windows XP and using Outlook 2003. Thank you.

  2. Ann Maria

    I got my account locked. I don’t know what happened with my account but after enabling POP in my account I got my account blocked. I am really worried about what I should do. Can you please suggest me a remedy for this error? I need to access my account soon.

    1. admin

      Lockouts usually happen when heavy usage is detected with POP access. And also this happens in a very short span of time. You don’t have to worry as these lockouts that you are facing are temporary and the block will be taken off in 24 hours. You will be able to use your account after that.

  3. Ann Maria

    Thanks to you for saving me from a heart attack. 24 hours timeline has passed and now I am able to use my account normally. But can you please give me a reason so as to why I had to face this error with my account so that I can be cautious next time?

    1. admin

      You will face this problem if you download your entire account into your mail client with the help of third party software.


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