Outlook email setup to send email on Roadrunner

Outlook is Microsoft’s email client and personal information management software that is included with Windows operating system series and which is also available as a separate application. Outlook is a popular email client that allows you to configure multiple email accounts in one interface. If you have a Roadrunner account, you can configure your Outlook email setup, to include this service in your Outlook. Roadrunner is a messaging system that is very easy to setup giving access to your emails from home computer.

Road runner email can be set up in Outlook and you can then access all your accounts from one place. It can be configured in any version of Microsoft Outlook. Here’s how you configure the Outlook email setup to include road runner email;

Instructions to configure Outlook email setup to include Roadrunner email

  • Launch Outlook program and depending on the version of Outlook that you use, go to “Tools” or “File“.
  • Select “Account Settings”, click the email tab and select “New” to open the “New Email Account” dialog box.
  • Click on the box labeled, “Manually configure server settings …” in 2007 or 2010 and click “Next.” Only manual configurations are offered in previous versions of Outlook.
  • Go to User information, type your name as you wish it to appear in the outgoing messages. Enter your full email address.
  • Under Server Information, Select “POP3” and in the Incoming mail server box, Type “pop-server.roadrunner.com“. While choosing the server, select the server that matches your email address. For instance, when you have email@roadrunner.com, use the matching server.
  • In the Outgoing mail server box, Type “smtp-server.roadrunner.com” and choose the one that matches your email address.
  • In the user name box, enter your full Road runner email address. Also give your password and check “Remember password” if you want to avoid entering your password every time you log in to check or send email.
  • Click on ‘Test Account Settings’ and wait while Outlook sends a text message to your Road runner account. This will show up in your inbox.
  • To complete the configuration, choose “Next” and then select “Finish”.

That’s all for the Outlook support team’s instructions to configure Outlook email to include Roadrunner email account.

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