Outlook email setup

Windows Smartphone

You might know that a Windows Mobile Smartphone can sync Outlook email accounts via Windows Mobile Device center or ActiveSync. But this is not all what it can do, your Smartphone can also be configured on its own to send and receive mails with POP or IMAP servers  just as Thunderbird, Outlook or any other email clients do on the PC. However, you should have an email service compatible for POP or IMAP and should have access to internet from your Smartphone. Let us see how you can configure the Outlook email setup for POP/IMAP on your Smartphone; Instructions to configure the Outlook email setup on your Windows Mobile Smartphone 1.       Obtain your email Account’s configuration settingsYou need to know 4 things at the least before setting up an account in most email software;

  • Username of your email.
  • Password of your email account.
  • Incoming POP or IMAP mail server that you use.
  • Outgoing SMTP mail server.

You can usually set up any email software with these four factors to interface with your email service, like the software on your Windows Mobile Smartphone. Certain other settings like security settings, port settings etc may also be needed in some cases. For a detailed configuration requirement, consult your ISP. 2.       Outlook Email set up in Windows Mobile               

Outlook email setup

Windows Smartphone

Follow the steps in order to add your email account to a Windows Mobile Smartphone. Let us, for example, take Gmail;

  • Go to “Start” menu at bottom left corner of the screen. Access “Messaging” and then choose “Setup Email”.
  • When your email address and password are asked, provide them and select “Next”. The correct settings will be determined by your messaging application. Also the application will be pre-configured with the correct settings to use in case of Gmail.
  • After finding the “Settings found for” notification, select “Next”. Provide a Name and an Account Display Name of your choice. People will receive your email and identify you with the Name value. The Account Display name identifies and separates your email account from others that you may add later to the software.
  • The final screen will asks you to decide how you want to check the new mails. You can either choose to manually check it or define a certain amount of time. Tap finish once you are done with it.

So, that’s how you Configure Outlook email setup for POP/IMAP email account on Windows Smartphone

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