Setting Up User Account For Outlook Using Ms Exchange

How to setup email in Outlook

       About how to setup email in Outlook

You might be quite familiar with Microsoft Outlook and the different features and uses offered by this email application. Do you know much about Microsoft Exchange server? This server platform helps manage email addresses in a computer network. Every user of Microsoft Outlook will have a mailbox on the Microsoft Exchange server, and they can access the mailbox using Microsoft Outlook. If you wish to add new mailboxes, alter permissions and accesses, or for modifying properties of a mailbox, you can use Exchange Management Console. When you try to create a new account, a new mailbox will be created by the Exchange Management Console, for an existing or new user. But this is a not a favor that all new account holders can enjoy.

Let us check how to setup email in Outlook.


  • Login to Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Click on the Start button on your desktop and click on All Programs. Now click Microsoft Exchange and select Exchange Management Console.
  • Select Recipient Configuration, which you find below the console tree on the left side of the screen, and select New Mailbox below the action pane that you find on the right side.
  • On the Introduction page, select User Mailbox and select Next.
  • If the user account is an already existing one, choose Existing User and select Add. From the result page, select the existing user account, and click OK and then Next.

    Modifying properties

          How to setup email in Outlook easily

  • Choose New User if the mailbox is for a new user. Select Next and move to User Information page. Fill in the first name, last name, name, user logon name, password, and confirmed password, and click next.
  • Select Browse and it will open Select Mailbox Database. Choose the database where you wish to have the user and click OK and Next.
  • In mailbox settings, review it in New Mailbox page. Select Back if you wish to alter anything. Select New, and it will take you to Completion page.
  • Click Finish once, the new account mailbox is created.
  • Open Microsoft Outlook. Your new mailbox will be configured automatically, if you have an active internet connection.

Now you know how to setup email in Outlook. If you have any doubts regarding it, you can contact Microsoft Outlook help and support team for assistance.

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