How To Synchronise Outlook On A Blackberry Device?

Outlook email setup

   Desktop Manager Menu in Outlook

You can access your Outlook account information on multiple mobile devices. The synchronisation will be smooth if you have Windows operating system and its variants on these devices and your personal computer.  When some proprietary software is used in any of these devices, there could be some problems with the synchronisation.

Blackberry OS

Blackberry OS is the operating system used in all blackberry mobile devices. The OS supports many third party software and mail applications. The Blackberry phone comes with Blackberry Desktop software for maintaining and synchronising documents, mail and contacts. It provides the option to synchronise Blackberry with some of the applications in your computer.

From Outlook email

You could try re-installing or updating the Outlook express.  Before you run the .exe file, just make sure that the Blackberry device is connected to the system. When the new Outlook email setup is run for the first time, it will ask you to prompt the synchronisation of Outlook Express to the connected device.

Desktop Manager Error

Uninstall the Blackberry Desktop software. Go to the C drive and access ‘Add or Remove programs’ list from the Control panel to make sure that the program is completely removed. Check whether there are any previous editions still showing in the list. Remove all these software manually. Go to the Program Files folder and delete any of the related folders and restart the system. Now re-install and run the Desktop manager and try the synchronisation.

Problem due to the security software

Sometimes the anti-virus software or the firewall installed in your system will deny the Outlook email setup access to the Blackberry device. You should temporarily disable anti-virus and firewall programs to see whether this was the reason for the synchronisation failure. If that is the case, go to each of these programs and change their configuration settings to allow the proper synchronisation between the devices.

Wrong Calendar files

Blackberry Desktop software

    Synchronising the Outlook contacts

If you have another calendar or mail application installed in your system, the Outlook calendar files might fail to synchronise with the Blackberry. This is because the Blackberry device is programmed to accept the synchronisation request from just one Calendar file in the system. So go to the ‘Options’ menu for ‘Devices’ in Blackberry and under ‘Advanced settings’, set ‘Outlook’ as the ‘Default Service’.

Conflict Resolution

Sometimes the synchronisation process causes data duplication. In the desktop manager, launch the ‘Organizer’ wizard and open its ‘configuration settings’. Under the ‘advanced options’ menu for ‘Outlook’, select the ‘Ignore all conflicting items’ option.

Now your Outlook mail is successfully synchronised with your Blackberry device and you can access all your contacts and calendar entries on the go.

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