How To Set Up Microsoft Outlook On A Tablet

Outlook email setup

   Activating Outlook account

You depend on Microsoft Outlook to carry out your email transactions as well as to manage your tasks or calendar events. Since most people use tablets nowadays, you should find a way to setup Outlook on your tab. Since tablets are easy to carry, once you setup an Outlook email account, you can access your emails at anytime from anywhere. Once you complete the setup, you can import all of your mails, contacts, tasks or server settings instantly. This article should help you in performing that task on your iPad.

Steps for Outlook email setup

Following steps will guide you in setting up Outlook email on your iPad.

  1. Navigate to the path Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars> Add Account.
  2. Tap the Microsoft Exchange option using your finger.
  3. You should fill out the required fields now. Enter your name, email address as well as your password in the blank fields.
  4. Navigate to the top right corner and tap Next. Your device should function now and you need to find out the necessary settings in order to setup the Outlook account. Go to Step 7 if you are unable to perform this task.
  5. You should manually locate the Exchange ActiveSync server name if the iPad fails to locate it automatically.
  6. Once you find it out, you can insert the server name on the server blank field and tap Next to proceed further.

    Microsoft Outlook

        Sending email using Outlook

  7. You should decide on which application you wish to connect your account with the device and tap Save. All of your data including your emails, calendar events and contacts will be saved instantly by the software once you tap the Save button.
  8. Enter a pass code if prompted. Choose or tap Continue to set up a numeric pass-code. You will not be able to access the email account on your preferred device if you fail to create a security code. On the other hand, you can create it afterwards from the iPad settings.
  9. You should perform various steps if you are setting up a new account. Most people find it interesting to synchronize their business emails and in that case, you should locate your domain name and the exchange server address by contacting your IT team.

You can adopt the above steps for the Outlook email setup on your iPads. As tablets are user-friendly devices, you can access your email from all over the world at any time by setting up an Outlook account.  

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