Outlook Email Setup Options to Configure Bell South Account

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AT & T, one of the largest broadband service providers, recently bought the telecom company BellSouth. All those who’ve subscribed to BellSouth’s broadband services before the acquisition still have ‘bellsouth.net’ as their extension as their private email.

You can access AT & T mails in Outlook without any problems but all those who have BellSouth extensions will need to change their settings to access their emails. With these Outlook email setup options, you can now change your email settings. Take a look.

Outlook email setup procedure to change BellSouth account settings

The first step in this Outlook email setup procedure is to go to ‘Tools’ menu and expand ‘Account Settings.’ Click the ‘Change’ button once you’ve select the account name for your old Bellsouth configuration. Now, a new window will pop up where you’ll need to configure the email server settings using Outlook email setup options.

Follow these Outlook email setup stepsoutlook email setup


Type the Outlook email setup setting ‘pop.att.yahoo.com’ in the incoming email server settings.

Change outgoing email settings to ‘smtp.att.yahoo.com.’

Enter the email address for your account.

Hit ‘More Settings’ Outlook email setup option and click the ‘Outgoing Server’ tab.

Now, check the two boxes labeled ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication’ and ‘Use same settings as my incoming mail server.

Once you’ve done this, go to the nest step in this Outlook email setup by clicking the option ‘Advanced’ tab. Once again, check another box labeled ‘This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL).’


From the list of encryption types, select ‘SSL’ and enter the following Outlook email setup settings.

Under the POP3 incoming settings, type 995 and 465 for the SMTP settings.

Save the settings by clicking ‘Ok.’

You can now retrieve your BellSouth emails on AT & T servers. It’s amazing how these Outlook email setup settings and options help you to configure your BellSouth email account. Neither is it complicated nor do you have to worry about cumbersome procedures.

To all those previous BellSouth email users, time for you to change your Outlook settings if access your emails using Outlook.


4 thoughts on “Outlook Email Setup Options to Configure Bell South Account

  1. Martin

    I am using Microsoft Outlook 2003 and wish to enable bell south email feature to this. I tried doing this and was unable to connect to the outgoing SMTP server which is accessed by this mailing program. Please reply to this as soon as possible enabling me to work on this.

    1. admin

      This happens due to incorrect properties set. You need to change the default settings for incoming mail as 995. Also, make sure to change the port number displayed next to the option saying Outgoing mail as 465 .You need to check SSL option without fail too to enable uninterrupted connection.

      1. Martin

        Thanks a lot for responding to this and I could fix this connection issue without much trouble. I could install this and the configuration too was done for these accounts. But when I reply to any of the messages via email this goes only into my Outbox and stays there. Please provide me a quick solution to this.

        1. admin

          This is due to the default settings enabled for your old email account and can be manually set to the desired account and the reply would thus be sent correctly. Try for installing the updates for your software if this fails too. Hope you can fix this issue with these tips. Thanks!


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