How To Send Encrypted Mail Messages In Outlook

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  About the Outlook Security settings

With its many security settings, Microsoft Outlook is the ideal mail client for secure email transmission. You can send your encrypted email in Outlook, and check the authenticity of the received message, using digital signatures. These security features are one of the main reasons the Outlook mail client is widely used by the corporate houses.

Sending and Receiving encrypted messages in Outlook

One of the ways to make sure that the messages you send and receive are authentic, is to tag them with digital signatures. Digital signatures are unique digital IDs that can be used to verify whether a message you received is genuine. Such precautions are necessary, when big corporates are engaged in business correspondence with their suppliers and clients.

Sending an encrypted email in Outlook can be done using the Trust Center feature in the Outlook mail client. You would find the Trust Center option in the Tools menu. Clicking on this option would launch the Trust Center wizard. There you need to click on the Email Security option.

This will take you to the option for getting a Digital Signature for the mail message encryption. Click on Get an S/MIME certificate from an external Certification Authority. This will take you a page online, where you would find the different digital certification organisations listed. Opt for the services of one of them, and obtain a digital signature to be used in your email correspondence.

Now, again go to the Trust Center wizard. But, this time, from Email Security, go to Settings. Under the Cryptography Format section, choose S/MIME. Then, use the Choose option to browse to the folder where you have saved the digital signature you obtained in the previous step and press OK.

Trust Center settings

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Next time you compose a message in Outlook, go to the Message menu and open the Message Options wizard. There, go to the Security Settings. Select the Add digital signature to this message option and exit. This will add the digital signature to the message you are composing.

Once you have selected the digital signature and initiated the encrypted mail messaging in Outlook for one particular recipient in this manner, you can later use the same digital signature by using the Encrypt message contents and attachments option, from the Trust Center settings.

You can use different digital signatures for your mail correspondence with different people by following the same steps.

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