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Microsoft Outlook Express

Setting up an email account in Outlook is relatively easy and quick if done correctly. If you have a brand new computer, you need to setup Outlook right from the beginning. In case you already have your Outlook setup with your email account, and have installed another version, then the latest one would inherit all the emails and other information from the previous version. Read on to know more on how to setup email in Outlook.

  • Look for the Outlook icon in the Start menu, and click on the same.
  • If it is the first time that you are about to configure the email account, there will be a Prompt as soon as you click on the Outlook icon.
  • Click on Yes, to add an email account and then click on Next to proceed with the further steps.
  • In the next step, you need to enter your Name, Email Address and Password. Click on Next after you have entered the needed information.

You need to have Microsoft Outlook connector in case you are planning to add or accounts. If you are using your computer on a network domain, all your mail information is inserted automatically. Since the network password is utilized, you would not have to enter the password.

To know how far you have reached, look into the progress indicator. You will have to do this manually in case the indicator fails. During the process, you will be asked for information such as server information, logon information and user information, which will be configured automatically to the email account. Outlook allows you to manage multiple accounts from a single source; hence, if you have more than one email account, you can configure all of them in the same computer.

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Microsoft Outlook Setup

Some of the added features that appear when you setup Outlook is that you can manage emails in the most effective way. With the help of Ribbons, all the email related operations such as Reply, Forward, Compose and more are available under the Home tab. You can make all the files password-protected in case you are worried about privacy.

There are many more features in Outlook like adding a signature to the emails that you send. This will make all the emails that you send or reply to different people look professional. Moreover, an advantage of having a signature is that people would be able to verify the sender’s name, address and work related details easily. These are some of the guidelines on how to setup email in Outlook. Contact our tech support desk for any further assistance.

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Removing Duplicate Emails In Outlook The Easy Way

How To Setup Email In Outlook

Increasing Outlook Server Bandwidth

Outlook email client finds application among users who receive a large inflow of emails throughout the day. The entire program is customized in a way that you can handle a large amount of emails with convenience. However, problem arises when you receive duplicate emails, emails with the same message body, subject and attachments. Not only does it create confusion, it figuratively throws a spanner into the gears by disrupting your entire system. You will have to exercise extreme caution when handling emails so you do not miss some important email. One or two duplicated emails can be dealt with, but as the number increases, deleting individual messages becomes a messy affair. This task is a lot easier that learning how to setup email in Outlook.

First off, it is a minor bug in the program that causes emails to get duplicated. This usually happens when you receive emails with big attachments or when you are receiving too many emails at once. For whatever reason, the receiving email sometimes is terminated halfway along before the entire data is transferred. When that happens, Outlook does not try to reload the email and instead downloads the entire email contents afresh creating two copies in the process. This can continue many times causing multiple duplicate emails that accumulate in your inbox.

The major causes for repeated duplicated emails are limited capacity of the email server bandwidth and the compression. If your Outlook dedicated server is too busy or incapable of handling the large file size, the incoming message will stop halfway through. In order to mitigate this, you need to first ensure that no further duplicated emails come. Here’s how you do that.

Third-Party Outlook

Deleting Duplicated Emails In Outlook

  • Open your Outlook program and log in to your specific account.
  • Click on Other Settings and then choose the Advanced option.
  • Click on Delivery and then disable the option to keep a copy of your email file on the server.

Once you have disabled this particular option, you will not receive any further duplicated emails. During this occasion, you will have to update the server too in order to allot sufficient bandwidth. Once you figure out how to setup email in Outlook, it is better to allot enough server bandwidth to ensure sufficient bandwidth. This way, you will not have to rely on third-party Outlook duplicate cleaner software in order to remove the duplicated emails from your inbox folder. As you can see, this method will work better than any other solution that others recommend.

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Configuring Outlook 2007 Email Name Using Outlook Settings

Email Communications

           Outlook Email Registration

Microsoft Outlook, as we all know, is bundled along with rest of the programs that are available in Office suite of Microsoft productivity tools. Primarily an email client used for sending and receiving emails, you can make use of tons of features in Outlook to help you collaborate with your coworkers and communicate with your clients in order to work better and faster. The Calendar can be used to manage you own schedule, task lists and share them with others. Moreover, the Contacts features empower you by maintaining the huge list of contacts.

Once Outlook email setup is complete, you will be able to send emails right away, anyway you wish. Each email that is sent to you gets stored in your hard drive, giving you access to them whether you are online or offline. Outlook is loaded with several ways to customize your email communications, contact files, and calendars, reducing and simplifying the repetitive groundwork. You will be able to concentrate on important issues when you become proficient in using Outlook.

Outlook email setup is simple. You just have to make certain changes to the Outlook settings and you are done.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook from the Start menu. This will take some time, depending on the speed of your system.
  • Once loaded, click on Tools menu to bring the drop-down menu. Then click on Account Settings from inside the drop-down menu that is visible on the screen.
  • Click on the Email tab and then double click on the Email Account on which you want to make changes. You will see the Change email account dialog box.
  • From inside the dialog box, navigate to the User Name text box in the Your Information section.
  • In this section, you can type in the name of your choice. Remember that the name you choose over here will be available for everyone in the From email field. Hence, it will be advisable to make it look professional.

    Outlook Email Setup

               Setting Email In Outlook

  • To complete the update and save the change in settings you have made, click on the Next button. The dialog box will disappear and you will see the Outlook main window.

As you can see, Outlook email client is extremely simple to setup and use. Any issues you face can be immediately troubleshot using the scores of troubleshooting information that is abundant online.

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Recovering Deleted Outlook Emails

Retrieve Outlook Email

    Retrieve Outlook Email Easily

One of the main issues that any Outlook user faces is the accidental deletion of emails from inbox. There are two ways of deleting an item from Outlook, the first one is simple and is done by selecting the email and then pressing on the Delete button on the keyboard. If you have deleted the email in Outlook by following this method, then follow the simple instructions given below to retrieve Outlook email.


  • Navigate to the left side of the program and click on the Deleted Items folder found there for opening it.
  • Look for the email that you wish to retrieve in the folder by scrolling down through the list. When you find the email, select it by clicking on it and right click on the email. Select the option labeled as Move to Folder found in the context menu.
  • Now the program will show you all the folders you have with the Outlook email manager program, select the folder to which you would like to move the deleted email.

The second case of deletion of items is from the folder as a hard delete. This type of deletion occurs when you press the Shift button and Delete button on the keyboard simultaneously. If you have followed this method, then the email or item will not be present in the Deleted Items folder. Follow the simple instructions given below to retrieve Outlook email deleted permanently from your Outlook email client.

  • Move the mouse pointer to the top of the application window and click on the Tools menu found there. A drop down menu will now appear on the screen, click on the option labeled as Recover Deleted Items found in the drop down menu.

    Outlook Email Manager

                     Recover Lost Emails

  • The system will run the recovery process and will recover and retrieve the email or item to the Deleted Items folder. Once the process completes, click on the Deleted Items tab for viewing the contents in the folder.
  • If the recovery process was successful, you will be able to see the email in the folder, which you can move to the folder of your choice by following the simple tips given above.

If you are not able to retrieve the emails by following the instructions provided above, you can try using a professional recovery tool. There are many available in the internet. Do your research and get the one that is best and affordable.

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Setting Up Your Juno Email Account In MS Outlook

Cannot Receive Email In Outlook

       About Outlook Email Setup

Improper set up of your email account is one of the main causes of the ‘cannot receive email in Outlook’ error. Outlook email client will work smoothly with any of the third party email services online as long as they are using the standard email protocols like POP3, IMAP, etc, which are supported by Outlook. But when the configuration is faulty, the email client app will stop responding properly.

Adding your Juno mail account to MS Outlook

If you want to add your Juno email account to Outlook, which supports POP3 protocol, here are the instructions for the same.

  • Launch Outlook and go to the Tools menu. Click on the option Account Settings to launch the Account Settings window. There, under the Email tab, click on the New button to start Account Setup wizard.
  • On the Account Setup wizard, you have to select the first option that displays the POP3, IMAP, HTTP and Microsoft Exchange email service. Click Next to go the next step.
  • Enter your name, as you want it to be displayed on all your sent messages, in the required box. Enter the full Juno email address including the @ domain extension in the next text field. You will also have to enter your password twice in the designated area.
  • Use the Manual Account Setup option, if you want to enter the incoming and outgoing server details for your Juno
    POP3 Email Setup

              Contact Outlook Support

    email account manually. You can get the correct Juno server details from your Internet service provider. In most cases the incoming server address will be and the outgoing server address Enter these details in the columns provided.

  • After entering other account details, select the Remember Password optionto save the password in the Outlook email client itself. This way, you do not have to enter the password every time you launch the Outlook application.
  • When done, click on the Test Account Settings button to see if the email client can successfully connect to the Juno email server. A test message will be sent to the email server and similarly, the mail server will be prompted to send a text message back to the client.
  • If you are seeing a ‘cannot receive email in Outlook’ error here, check the server address details and try again. Press the Finish button, if the test was indeed successful.

For any other queries about the POP3 email setup in Outlook, contact our tech support personnel.

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