Managing Your Outlook Mail From Gmail

Outlook email setup

Email set up in Outlook

Outlook is a well-known email client released by the tech giant Microsoft. Many features and functions have been provided in Outlook making it the most versatile among other email clients. By setting up Outlook synchronization using the Easy Email solution, you can access your Outlook mails from any computer and from wherever you want.  By using the correct Outlook email setup, you can synchronize Outlook by keeping Gmail as the hub, it is possible to access emails in Outlook from any computer by using the Easy-Email setup.

Now, you can access the Outlook emails from Gmail. This does not mean that you need to switch your email to Gmail. You can stick with Outlook email for your daily use and the Gmail will work in the background or acts as concealed sync server or as a synchronization hub. Moreover, this will also provide an option for you to use the mail from any computer allowing you to mail anywhere you want.

Here, I am going to provide some cases where you will have to use the Gmail service for accessing your Outlook email.

  • This will come handy if you are going to travel and do not want to take a laptop with you. Make a log in to the Gmail account at hotel or airport and after logging in, you can easily access and manage all your Outlook emails from Gmail. Any changes made in the Gmail will affect the folders in the personal computer and Outlook.
  • When you like to manage and access emails from any mobile devices like BlackBerry or iPhone. Gmail is the easiest and simplest solution, if you need to synchronize various mobile devices with Outlook. For this purpose, you can use some specific applications allowing you to synchronize.

    Synchronization hub

    Setup for Outlook

  • Gmail is a fantastic email solution, which helps you to access emails from any computer that has web access.
  • If you possess a laptop while travelling and after reaching there, if you found that they have a desktop PC, mouse and a keyboard , then Gmail provides best comfort while working with a desktop computer and all the changes that is being made will appear once you log in to Gmail using the laptop.

These are some of the best reasons for you to manage your Outlook emails from Gmail. To know more about this Outlook email setup, visit the Outlook support page online.

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How To Fix Email Receiving Issues In Outlook

Cannot Receive Email In Outlook

Fix Outlook Issues

With an internet email client, you can configure many email accounts and thus use this single program to access all the emails. This avoids the users from the troubles of opening each email account to view the emails received in it.

One such favorite email clients of millions of users is Microsoft Outlook. However, sometimes the Outlook program can give you a few troubles. One such trouble that you might encounter is associated with the failure of sending and receiving emails. You cannot receive email in Outlook if some of the settings in the program are wrong. In this post, we will find out how to correct the Outlook settings.

Steps Involved

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook and click the option Tools.
  • In the drop down box that opens, select the option Account Settings and this will launch the window for Account Settings.
  • Choose the email account, which is having troubles sending and receiving emails. Click the button Change, which you will find below the different tabs in the window.
  • The above step will open the window for Change E-mail Account.
  • Go through the various settings in the E-mail Account window like the Incoming mail server:, Outgoing mail server (SMTP): etc.
  • Sometimes, the password can also give troubles to the users. Therefore, remove the currently entered password and retype it.
  • Click the option More Settings and then click the tab Advanced.
  • Double check the various options in the Advanced tab like incoming and outgoing port numbers.
  • Verify if there is a check mark near the option This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL). In addition, check whether SSL is chosen from the drop down box for Use the following type of encrypted connection.

    Technical Support

    Outlook Email Configuration

  • Once you correct the wrong settings, click the option OK. This will take you back to the window for Change E-mail Account.
  • Click the button Test Account Settings and this will automatically verify the corrected settings by sending a test email.
  • If the email is delivered successfully to your account, it means that the configuration is successful. If it fails, then go back to the Change E-mail Account window and double check the settings.

With the above steps, you can fix the issues with sending and receiving emails in Outlook. If you still cannot receive email in Outlook, you may contact our technical support team for assistance.

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Setting Up Frontier Email In Outlook

how to setup email in outlook

        setup email in outlook

Outlook is the popular email application employed by many people for business and personal purposes. However, it is also possible to setup Frontier email in Outlook, which makes managing Frontier mails even easier. It is very easy to setup Frontier email in Outlook. Below provided are some easy instructions that will help you to set up Frontier email in Outlook.


  • Open Outlook application on your system; click the menu called Tools followed by clicking the option called Account Settings. Click the tab called Email from the Account Settings window. If you have previously set up email account, your account name will be listed under the option called Email. Click on the button called New since you have to set up a new Frontier account. Now, you will be able to see a dialog box named Add New E-mail Account.
  • Next, you have to check mark the box that says Manually configure server settings or additional server types. To proceed to the next step, you have to click the Next button. Click to select Internet email, when asked to select Choose E-mail Service followed by clicking the button called Next. Fill each box with necessary and accurate information under the heading called Internet Email Settings. Enter your full name and Email address in to the appropriate boxes under the option called User Information.
  • From the drop down menu, select your Account type that is seen under Server Information. In the Incoming mail server field, you have to enter and in the Outgoing mail server field, you have to enter Enter your full username and password under the option User Log on Information.
  • Remember to check the box that says Remember Password. This option is not compulsory and it all depends upon the customer. Next, you have to click the button called More Settings. Check the box that says My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication by clicking the Outgoing Server menu. Enter your full information regarding user name and password by selecting the box beside Log on.

    Outlook support team

            use frontier email in Outlook

  • Enter 995 in the box called Incoming Server by highlighting the menu called Advanced. Similarly, enter 465 in the box for Outgoing server. From the drop down arrow seen next to the option Use the following type of encrypted connection, you need to select SSL. To exit from the Internet Settings window, click the OK button. Finally, Click the Next button followed by clicking the button called Finish to finish the setup procedure.

The above said instructions will help you to setup Frontier Email in Outlook. To know more regarding how to setup email in Outlook, contact the Outlook support team. Outlook support team will be able to solve all your queries regarding how to setup email in Outlook.

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How To Change The Font Size In Mozilla Firefox Print Preview

Mozilla Firefox Support

Features Of Mozilla Firefox

After the release of Mozilla Firefox browser, many internet users started to use this browser as they found it be less vulnerable to threats. Mozilla Firefox was developed on an open source platform and has a large number of customers around the world. When compared to other web browsers, Firefox is less prone to vulnerabilities. The common browser issues such as redirection and automatic changes to home page also do not occur in the browser, according to Mozilla Firefox support center.

The browser gives a print preview to the users who wish to take the print of a web page. Since the print of a web page may not fit on the paper, it is ideal that you view the preview before clicking the print button. This will help you to find out how the print would look like on paper. If you wish to make any changes to the settings, you can carry out the same at this point.

Sometimes, you might find that the font size of the print is too small to read. In this case, you can increase the font size within the preview option. In this Mozilla Firefox support section, we will take you through the steps involved in this process.

Steps Involved

According to Mozilla Firefox support center, it only takes a few steps to increase the font size in the preview page. Let us go through these steps below.

  • Select the Start menu and click All Programs.
  • Click Mozilla Firefox to launch the internet browser.
  • Once the Firefox browser comes up, navigate to the web page that you wish to print.
  • Select the option File and then from the sub menu that drops down, select Print Preview.

    Technical Support

    Install Mozilla Firefox

  • The above step launches the print preview page. This page will give you an idea on how the print would look like. Choose the option Portrait.
  • Select the option Scale, and from the drop down box, choose the best value for scaling so that the print suits the page.
  • Once you choose the best Scale, select the option Print. This will open a new window for Print, where you can choose the printer and other properties.
  • Click OK to print the page.

With the above steps, you can change the Print preview of a Mozilla web page. For additional information on this issue, you may contact Mozilla Firefox support center or our technical support team for assistance.

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How To Retrieve A Sent Email In Outlook

Retrieve Outlook Email

Retrieve Outlook Email Instructions

Microsoft Outlook is a highly popular and a heavily used email client especially in the business world.

Many email users reference their sent email in Microsoft Outlook to validate the transmission of messages, to copy and paste text to a new message and to forward the sent email to all those recipients who were not included in the original distribution. The Microsoft Outlook Sent Items folder stores the messages a user sends. The information about the message recipient is also included when the user sends the email. So, if you want to retrieve Outlook email that you have sent, here are some instructions that will guide you:


First, you need to go to your Microsoft Outlook mailbox. After that, check to see if the title bar located at the top left area of the Outlook application window reads Inbox – Microsoft Outlook.

Then, you need to go to the All Mail Folders section of the navigation pane located at the left side of the Outlook application window. After that, look for the Sent Items folder and icon–because Outlook lists mail folders in an alphabetical order by default, the Sent Items folder is usually toward the end of the folder list. You can click on the Sent Items folder.

You need to look for the sent email message you wish to retrieve. Then, Outlook sorts your sent messages from most recent to oldest by default. After that, click on the To or Subject headers if you want to search for a sent email by recipient or subject.

Sent Items Folder

Retrieve Outlook Email Steps

Then you need to click to select the email you wish to retrieve. After that, press your left mouse button two times quickly (double-click) to retrieve the email. Then if you select multiple emails, you need to press your right mouse button and select the Open Items option from the pick-list.


  • If you have a POP3 mailbox account or IMAP mailbox account, then look for the Sent Items folder under the Personal Folders section of the Outlook navigation pane.
  • Outlook tends to group all sent messages in the same Sent Items folder for users accessing multiple POP3 mailbox accounts. For all this, a single Outlook interface is used.
  • If you have a POP3 mailbox account and an Exchange Server mailbox account, then Outlook stores sent messages for both accounts in the same folder that is the Sent Items.

You should be able to retrieve Outlook email, after following the above instructions.

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