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Microsoft Outlook is the most popular email manager program in the world with millions of users vouching for its efficiency. If you have this program then managing your emails and meetings is fun and easy. With this program, you can manage your personal as well as business email accounts easily. There is no need to open two web browsers for checking business and personal emails if you have Outlook email client installed in your system. You just need to configure both the accounts correctly with the program.

Microsoft provides top class support for the Outlook program and releases updates and security patches for the program in a monthly basis. However, the program still may show some errors. Often the users will be locked out from accessing email in Outlook due to some problems. Reinstalling the Outlook program is the only way to fix the issues with Outlook if you are not able to fix it by following troubleshooting tips. Here we discuss the steps to re-install the program in your system.


  • The first thing that you need to ensure is that you have taken complete backup of the data stored with the Outlook email manager program. Also, ensure that you have uninstalled Microsoft Outlook and its entire components from your system before you insert the installation disk of the program to the optical drive.
  • If you see an Autorun window popping open on the screen, close it and then open the My Computer window by double clicking on its icon found in the desktop.
  • Double click on the CD\DVD-ROM icon found in the My Computer window for launching the setup process. Double click on the icon labeled as Setup for starting the installation process. Follow the instructions shown by the installation wizard for successfully installing the program in your system.

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  • Type in the product key when the installation wizard asks, and click on the Next button to continue with the installation. When the installation is finished, restart the computer to make the changes complete. Make sure that you restart the system immediately or the installation process will not be complete.
  • Launch the Outlook program by double clicking on its icon found in the desktop and then check whether it is working fine. You would now be able to see email in Outlook easily.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to re-install the Outlook email manager program easily.

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Easy Steps To Organize Incoming Email Messages In Outlook

How To Setup Email In Outlook

Email In Outlook

This article discusses some easy steps to organize email messages in the Outlook program so that you need not waste your time thinking how to setup email in Outlook program.


  • Open Office Outlook and navigate to the mail folders located in the left column.
  • You can then right click on Personal Folders.
  • In the menu that appears, click on New Folder.
  • Type in a name for the new folder in the box and then click on the OK button.
  • The Outlook program will place the folders in alphabetical order so that the user can scan the list to find the folder.

If you wish to have all the folders at the top of the list, you can name them with numbers. For instance, the Outlook mails from clients can be 1.Tom, 1.Dick, 1.Harry and the Outlook email messages from newsletters can be 2.computers,, and 2.sailing. This will help you keep your Outlook folders tidy and well organized. Doing this will also allow the users to add folders later to any one of the group.

After making the new folder, you can send all the email messages from a selected email address to the new folder. To do this, follow the steps that are explained below.

  • Right click on any email message from the particular sender.
  • Select Create Rule.
  • Select Advanced Options.

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  • Scroll down the list and check the box labeled With Specific Words In The Senders Address. If the email message is from a regular subscription, you will be able to find “on behalf of…” or “from noreply+feedproxy@..” at the top of the list. You can tick that box also.
  • Scroll to the lower box and then click on the blue link labeled Specific Words.
  • Type in the email address of the sender, select Add, and then click on the OK button.

If the email message comes from more than one person to the same email address, you can just type in everything after the @ symbol. These are the easy and simple steps to organize the incoming email messages in the Microsoft Outlook program.

You may follow these steps promptly so that you do not have to waste your time thinking how to setup email in Outlook program. If you need further assistance to finish the steps, you can contact the Outlook help and support team.

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Connecting With Friends On Xbox Live

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One of the best features of the Xbox Live account is that it allows you to find and connect with your gamer friends easily. Here we discuss tips from Windows live chat support for managing the friend’s list of your Xbox Live account.

Sending Friend Request

  • The first step you have to do is obviously to sign-in to Xbox Live. Now move to the Social tab and select the Add Friend option found under the Friends tab.
  • Now the program will ask you to enter the gamertag of the person with whom you wish to connect in the page and then click on the Done button. You can type in the gamer tag without using the onscreen keyboard if you attach a USB keyboard to the controller port or you can use the Xbox 360 Chatpad.
  • Now before sending the request, make sure that you have included a personal message in the request so that your friends may be able to recognize you easily, or you may choose to send a standard message with friend request. After setting the message, click on the Send Request button.

Viewing Friends Profile

  • For viewing your friends’ profile, Windows live chat support team advises you to sign-in to Xbox Live and navigate to the Social tab.
  • Now select the Friends tab and then select the avatar of the friend whose profile you wish to view, make sure that you have selected the gamer card of the friend by pressing on the A button in the keyboard.
  • There are two profiles for your friend, Gamer Profile and Personal Profile. The Gamer Profile of your friend can be used for inviting your friend to chat, join a party, or send a message to invite to play a game. You can even compare your scores and submit player reviews in the gamer profile. Personal Profile shows all the real information about the gamer friend like his real name, location, and bio.

    managing the friend's list

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Removing Friends

  • For removing friends from your friend list, Windows live chat support advises you to sign in to the Xbox Live account and then click on the Guide button found on the controller.
  • Select the Friends tab and then select the Gamer tab of the person you wish to remove from your friend list. After selecting the gamertag, click on the Remove Friend option to remove him or her from your friend list.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to find and connect with your friends on Xbox Live swiftly.

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Recover Hard-Deleted Emails From Microsoft Outlook

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What would you do when you see that your Outlook inbox is filled with necessary and unnecessary emails? You would delete the unwanted ones. But, occasionally you might delete an important message by accident and regret later. If you have ‘soft-deleted’ the message, you have better chances to recover the message. Conversely, if you have ‘hard-deleted’ the message, you have lesser chances to recover it. Well, I am sure you will be happy to know the difference between hard-deleting and soft-deleting of messages or data in Outlook.

Hard delete Vs Soft Delete

You can store emails, contacts, tasks or more in Outlook. You can create different folders within the inbox folder to group the messages you receive. When you delete an item from Outlook by clicking the Delete button, you soft-delete it, meaning you can retrieve Outlook email later on. The deleted item will be stored in the Deleted Items folder.

On the other hand, if you delete an item by pressing down the Shift + Del key combination on your keyboard, you hard-delete it. You have restricted chances to recover the item later on. You soft delete an item in Outlook under normal circumstances. However, there are certain cases when you have to hard-delete an Outlook item. The following are such scenarios.

While clearing the Deleted items folder

Like any other Outlook folder, Deleted items folder too can exceed the maximum size limit. When it happens, you will have to clear the folder. Once you remove an item from the Deleted items folder, it is permanently deleted.

Unnecessary Emails

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While using IMAP4 (Internet Message Access Protocol 4)

If you have set up an IMAP4 email account in your Outlook application, you have no option to retrieve Outlook email because the IMAP4 client does not leave any option to move an item to the Deleted Items folder when you delete an item from any of your Outlook folders.

Recover hard deleted items through PST Walker Email recovery tool

PST Walker email recovery tool enables you to recover even the permanently deleted items. Download the tool from an authentic download centre, read the instructions carefully and work out the steps.

In this article, we discussed the difference between ‘soft delete’ and ‘hard delete.’ We also discussed the possibility of recovering a permanently deleted or hard deleted item from Outlook. You can contact Outlook support desk for any further queries regarding the same.

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Getting Around The Outlook Not Receiving Any New Mail Error

Cannot Receive Email In Outlook

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One of the common Outlook error messages that pop up on your screen is ‘Cannot receive email in Outlook’. There may be a number of reasons behind this error in your email client application, which usually include network connectivity issues, wrong email account settings, no free space in your Outlook folders, et cetera.

In some cases, you will receive the ‘Cannot receive email in Outlook’ error message when your email account folders are full. Your webmail service provider offers a limited online storage space for storing data, and if you have already reached this limit, then it restricts you from receiving any new messages. This especially happens when you are using a Microsoft Exchange server account.

Using Outlook settings for cleaning up the webmail folders

When you download emails and messages from your webmail accounts to Outlook email client application, it leaves behind a copy of the message on the server. This is the default setting in Outlook. You may have the habit of cleaning your Outlook folders every now and then, but this option for retaining a copy of the email on the server will leave the message there undeleted. Soon, you will reach the allocated storage limit for your account.

To avoid this problem, you will have to change come Outlook settings, by accessing the Tools menu and selecting Account Settings there. On the wizard that appears, select the email account with which you face this problem. This will open another window for changing the account settings.

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Here, you click on the More Settings option, which will open the Internet Email Settings dialogue box. Go to the Advanced tab in this window, where you can see the option Leave a copy of the message on the server listed.You can either disable this option completely by removing the checkmark against it, or modify the settings under the section.

You will see two options here – Remove from the server after _ days and Remove from the server when deleted from the Deleted Items folder. After opting for the desired choice, click OK to exit and return to the Account Settings wizard. Here, click Next, followed by Finished to save the altered settings.

You can use these Outlook options to make sure that the old and deleted emails are removed effectively from the webmail account. If you need any assistance with the same, contact our team of experts over the toll-free number right away.

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