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Many users have been complaining about the lax security of many Microsoft products. Outlook.com has been criticized the most. It seems that the software company is now ready to respond to these complaints by bolstering the security of various software products. The complaints are relevant because it has recently come to light that the United States government was tapping the core fiber cables of the information super highway and prying on traffic. It was revealed that the US government has been trying to weaken encryption. Though that has not been proved yet, customers are bound be uneasy about matters concerning security and confidentiality of their data. You want email in Outlook (Outlook.com) or any product to be secure and private.

Now, this is probably one of the few moments when users and corporations have a common cause or motive – privacy. For privacy to be intact there should be less government intrusion. And, corporations try hard not to compromise the privacy and confidentiality of their customers. This is because they need profits, and so to please its customers.

Microsoft has now increased security on Outlook.com. Now email in Outlook (Outlook.com) is more secure with the newly added Transport Layer Security encryption. This enhanced security encrypts the email messages sent by customers or users of the service. OneDrive, along with Outlook.com, have this useful security feature known as Perfect Forward Secrecy encryption.

If Microsoft is doing it now, Yahoo and Google have already made adjustments to keep their customer data more secured. Yahoo encrypts information traffic between their data centers. They have also promised to provide a secure encrypted version of the messaging client. Search engine giant Google has made similar arrangements to make their customers’ data more secure.

United States Government

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This move by software corporations is sensible and reasonable. But, the US government thinks otherwise. They’re not very happy about increased data security since stronger protection makes government surveillance difficult.

No matter what the government thinks about the improved security, we (customers and users) can feel more relieved by the fact that the companies to which we are handing over our data, are keeping it safe. Though this should have been done much sooner, it is better late in the coming, than never.

Customers would definitely want their data to be more secure. No one likes the idea of someone snooping on emails they wish kept secret.

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Option To Configure Gmail In Outlook

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Outlook Email Issues

Microsoft Outlook provides many interesting options to the users. Among these, the most significant one includes the option to configure personal email accounts in Outlook. This feature enables the users to check their personal emails in the Outlook email setup without juggling between the messaging applications.

Gmail is regarded as the most widely used Web-based email platforms whereas Outlook is indeed one of the most widely used email programs available today. So, it becomes the need of the hour to configure Gmail in Outlook. The procedure of configuring Gmail in the Outlook email setup is quite easy and involves simple steps.

You can use the following instructions to configure Gmail in Outlook.

  • At first, you need to login to your Gmail account in order to ensure that your login and password are working correctly. For this, you can go to www.gmail.com.
  • In the next step, you need to click on the Settings link, which you can find in the upper right hand corner of the window. Now, you can click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP within the Settings window.
  • You need to enable both of the following radio buttons: Enable POP for All Mail and Enable IMAP and then click on the Save Changes option. Now, you need to log out of your Gmail account and then close your web browser.
  • Next, you can try reloading your Microsoft Outlook and then go back to the email accounts window, wherein you have entered your username, password and other information in order to set up the Gmail account.
  • While doing so, you need to make sure that you have entered your Gmail username ending with @gmail.com. This is because although this isn’t important in the Web-based login, it is essential in Gmail.

    Web Browser

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  • Now, you can re-enter your password carefully. According to the Outlook tech support team, while typing the password, you need to make sure that you are using the correct case. In most cases, it would ask you to include both upper and lower case characters in your password.
  • Next, you need to list your incoming server as pop.gmail.com for POP mail or imap.gmail.com. Once you’ve done this, you can list your outgoing server similarly as smtp.gmail.com.

These simple steps can help you to successfully configure Gmail in Outlook so that you can view all your messages at a single place. For more assistance on the same, you may get in touch with our technical support personnel.

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Add Your Shaw Mail Account To The Outlook Express Mail Client

Outlook Email Setup

About Outlook Express Settings

One of the good things about the Outlook mail client application is that you can use it to access any third party email service in your system. Microsoft’s email clients like Outlook Express and MS Outlook support all the commonly used email transfer protocols such as IMAP, POP3, HTTP, etc. Also, the Outlook email setup wizard is very simple to use. Setting up an account in Outlook Express or MS Outlook will take only a couple of minutes.

Setting a Shaw email service account in Outlook Express

Shaw Communication is a very popular Canadian telecommunications service provider, and many of its customers use their Shaw email for correspondence. If you are such a Shaw webmail service user, you can add your email account to the Outlook Express mail client by following these steps.

First of all, you need to gather the necessary details for setting up the account from the Shaw webmail website. You need to collect details like the incoming and outgoing server address, port numbers, secure message transmission settings, etc.

You have to make sure that the information you are collecting is accurate. For example, the server address is different for different cities. You have to choose the one mentioned for your city or the one located closest to your location. Once you have all these details, you can go to the Outlook Express application and launch the Outlook email setup wizard.

Microsoft Support Website

Contact Outlook Support

For this, go to the Tools menu, and click Accounts. Here, press the Add button, and select the Mail option from the resulting menu. This will launch the Outlook Express mail setup wizard. Here, you need to enter your name into the Display Name text field, and press Next. In the next step, enter your Shaw webmail account address and press Next.

Here, you need to select the mail server type. Set this as POP3. You also need to enter the incoming and outgoing email server addresses correctly in the text fields provided, and click Next. In the last step, you need to enter your Shaw webmail account username and password and then, press Next.Now, press Finish to save these settings and exit the wizard.

That is it. You have successfully setup your Shaw webmail account in Outlook Express. You can now access the webmail account from the mail client and go through your messages even when you are offline. If you have any doubts regarding this account setup process, visit the Microsoft support website online.

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Easy To Execute Steps To Add An Email Account In Outlook

Outlook Email Setup

Features Of Outlook

If you wish to view or work with your emails even in the absence of an active internet connection, then an email client program is the only solution. It lets you add email accounts and use the program to download emails and view them later. All the email programs allow you to add various internet accounts and it doesn’t matter whether you have an account with Yahoo, Gmail or an Exchange account of your company.

Now, among the email clients, many users consider Outlook as the best email client in the world. It has a simple and easy to navigate menu. In this post, we will take you through Outlook email setup to configure the program with an internet email account.

Steps Involved

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook and select the option Tools.
  • Go to Account Settings in the new drop down menu.
  • Select the tab New.
  • Click Next in the first window of the newly popped up windows.
  • Select the box next to Manually configure server settings or additional server types and choose the button Next.
  • Choose Internet Email if you want to configure Outlook with any of the internet accounts like Gmail, Yahoo etc. Now, in case of an Exchange email address, choose the second option, Microsoft Exchange.
  • In the next page, enter information like Your Name, Email Address etc. Keep in mind that the details in the field for Incoming mail server and outgoing mail server will vary depending on your email service provider. Therefore, find out this information by contacting the service provider.
  • In the field for User Name and Password, type the user name for the email account and its corresponding password.
  • Click the button Next.

    Microsoft Exchange

    Outlook Email Configuration

  • Choose the button More Settings and go to the tab Advanced. Here you will find fields for entering the port numbers for incoming and Outgoing mail servers. Acquire these details from the service provider, and type in the port numbers.
  • Mark the option Leave a copy of messages on the server if you wish to keep a copy of the message on the server even after downloading to the Outlook program.
  • Click the button OK.
  • If you wish to test the entered settings, you may click the button Test Account Settings and this will help you to find out whether the settings are correct.
  • Choose Next and then Finish to complete the configuration process.

You may use the above-mentioned Outlook email setup for adding any internet email account with your Outlook program.

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Fixing Issues With Sending/Receiving Emails In Outlook

Cannot Receive Email In Outlook

       Send Email In Outlook

One can’t rightly figure out immediately what has caused him in not being able to send and receive emails in his favourite Microsoft Outlook application, as the issue could stem from multiple unknown reasons. If you cannot receive email in Outlook because there are some connectivity issues, there are two methods to address the problem. The first one is by creating a new email profile. The second method involves verifying the TCP/IP and setting it as the default protocol. When a new email profile is created, your entire Outlook setting will be reset, replacing it with the default Outlook setting.

In the below instructions, you will see how to create a new email profile in Microsoft Outlook.


  • Navigate to the Start menu on your desktop and select Control Panel from the resulting dropdown menu.
  • Choose User Accounts in the Control Panel screen and select Mail. Windows XP users should look for the Mail option instead of User Accounts option.
  • When the Mail Setup box is displayed, locate and select Show Profiles.
  • Initiate the Profile wizard by pressing the Add button.
  • Go to the Profile name field and enter Test in it. Press OK to continue.
  • Read the onscreen directions carefully and do accordingly to complete the creation of the new profile. When prompted, select the Finish button.
  • Locate the box titled When starting Microsoft Outlook, use this profile and select it.
  • Click OK now to save the changes you have made in the settings and exit the Mail window.
  • Check whether the issue has been fixed by sending an email to yourself. If the email is sent, you can conclude that the issue has been fixed.

    Default Outlook Setting

               Outlook Email Settings

If you cannot receive email in Outlook still, verify your TCP/IP and set it as default. Below are the steps for the same.


  • Go to the search box, enter ncpa.cpl in the text field, and press Enter to continue. This will open the Network connections.
  • Locate your Internet connection, right-click on it and select Properties.
  • Verify that the checkbox before Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is selected.
  • If not, select the box to set it as the default protocol.
  • Press Ok followed by Yes to save the changes and exit the window.

You would have fixed your Outlook issue by following either of the above methods. In case the issue seems to persist, you can contact our Outlook experts for additional help.

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